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Date / 2016-03-01 /

Detour: A Photography Exhbition for the Support of the Society for the Care of Minors

Thousands of children fleeing the war in the Middle East reach Greece every day; children overwhelmed by hardship that often amounts to outright abuse. In 2014, 5000 unaccompanied minors crossed the borders into Greece. The UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) decrees that they should be housed in special facilities for children with access to food and education, where they will be allowed to experience and enjoy a good childhood. Due to limited public resources and understaffed agencies, public assistance and care is provided only to a few hundred children.

Dapper Dan is honoured to art direct Detour, a photography exhibition organized by the 10AM team, aiming to raise public awareness of the plight of those children and collect funds for their support. Through their images, a number of photographers share their personal perception of what constitutes a detour: a voyage that changes course unexpectedly and returns to a path leading to freedom; a luminous horizon full of dreams, opportunities and hope. Participant Artists: Errikos Andreou Jacopo Benassi, Luca Campri, Mara Desypris, Bill Georgoussis, Zach Gross, Yiannis Hadjiaslanis, François Halard, Amit Israeli, Yiorgos Kaplanidis, Vassilis Karidis, George Katsanakis, Thanassis Krikis, Vangelis Kyris, Matthieu Lavanchy, Yiorgos Mavropoulos, Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz, Nikos Papadopoulos, Johan Sandberg, Spiros Staveris, Kasia Wozniak

All proceeds from the sales of the photographs, as well as the exhibition’s catalogue, will be donated to support the goals of the Society for the Care of Minors. The Society was founded in 1924 thanks to private donations, primarily by Greek benefactor Emmanuel Benakis. To fulfil its purposes, the Society operates a guesthouse called the Unaccompanied Minors Centre. Today the UMC provides care and support for 17 unaccompanied minors from countries torn by war and natural disasters.


DATE / 2016-02-11 /

"Le Monde: L'enfance perdue"

A Report of Adéa Guillot, photos Myrto Papadopoulou for the e-version of LeMonde: On Friday, January 22, the reporter from the French newspaper Le Monde Ms. Adea Guillot and photographer Myrto Papadopoulos in preparation of a news report on the journey of Unaccompanied Minors (within and out of Greece), visited our Center. Having been informed by the head of the Social Workers of our Station they gathered information and talked to some of our older boys following the rules and of the Station concering their personal information and rights protection.

Please find to the link below the excellent result of their report of Le Monde with extensive reference to the Society for the Care of Minors and the effort of unaccompanied refugee minors to start a new beginning in European countries.


DATE/ 2016-01-28 /

Lady Ambassadors, Ambassadors’ Spouses in Athens (LAASA) at the Centre for Unaccompanied Minors

Today LAASA (LAASA – Lady Ambassadors, Ambassadors’ Spouses, Athens) members from Thailand, Tunisia, Korea, and Australia brought lunch to enjoy with children and staff of the Centre for Unaccompanied Minors.

"Thanks everyone at the Home for making us feel warm and welcome, and for sharing with us your space, your time, and most wonderful of all, your smile!”, LAASA mentioned".

DATE / 2015-11-07 /

Our Wishes for 2016: Love, Peace and Solidarity.

The Children of our Center, the Volunteers, our Members and Personel, and the Board of Directors, wish you a happy new Year, Love and Peace ...

You may support our cause and boost our efforts by donating to the Society for the Care of Minors via Paypal. Thank you!

Paypal Donation

DATE: 2015 / 06-15 /

BODOSSAKI Foundation: Funding the Society for the Care of Minors through the Programme “We are all citizens”

Reportage of Kathimerini Newspaper: With 2.700.000 Euro are funded projects having as ultimate goal the empowerment of Civil Society that remains in the country unfortified, as the Bodossaki Foundation announced yesterday. For the last two calls of proposals with thematic “promotion of democratic values, including human rights” and “empowerment of structures and building the capacities of NGO” 267 NGO responded, from which 237 were selected as eligible and by the end of the process 37 applications were successful. 20 big projects are funded with up to 150.000 Euro and 16 small projects are funded with up to 50.000 Euro. The beneficiaries are estimated to reach 50.000 people – out of which big percentage will be youth and children.

Indicative example of the successful applications is the Society for the Care of Minors, that was established in 1924 to take care of orphans from the Minor Asia Catastrophe and today looks after unaccompanied minors who arrive in Greece. “At the listed building in Exarhia we host 17 boys, 11 to 18 years old, most of them coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria” explained during the presentation Ms. Dimitra Adamantidou. “Children arrive through the referral of the Asylum Service and stay as long as needed”, she added. The atmosphere in this old building is that of a family “when the departure of a child is announced the rest get sad”. The staff tries to register, as soon as possible, the youth at the nearest intercultural school even if they have to be just observers while volunteers teach them Greek since the first day. The Society for the Care of Minors will receive from the Programme 41.511 Euro aiming at the organization of workshops for the development of children’s capacities. More specifically, cooking lessons will be provided on a weekly basis, video art and other artistic workshops will take place while children will have the chance to participate in sport activities. Finally, the project will promotes the development of a network of volunteers-mentors, people experts in their fields, who will guide the minors and assist them to exhibit their work based on their talents.


DATE: 2015 / 06-03 /

“EVROS WALKWATER” Performance: The centre’s children tell refugee stories...

In 1960 John Cage presented the “Water Walk”, a three-minute music composition, constituted by water sounds, waves and objects related to it: a bath-tab, a watering pot and a food mixer.
In 2015, Daniel Wetzel, founder member of Rimini Protokoll, got inspired by Cage’s composition and developed the “Evros Walk Water”.
The boys hosted at the Society for the Care of Minors cooperated for two months with the artist and his team in order to develop an on stage acoustic project. The objects and the sounds that Cage used were replaced by the stories of the young refugees: their experience of running away from their countries, their long trip to Europe and daily life in Athens.
The performance’s audience listens the recorded stories and develops a cover of the music composition, with objects that come from the stories of the young refugees: an inflatable boat similar to the one they crossed Evros with, a gun, a paddle. How is the interaction developed between the audience and the boys? The audience accepts orders by the young refugees, through headphones, as due to international regulations, are not allowed to travel in Europe and participate in the performance. The main message “we would like to play music for you but as we cannot travel, you need to do it yourselves” ends up in a music co-existence that overcomes borders, cultures, unfulfilled experiences.
The performance was presented in the Festival Schlossmediale, at Werdenberg in Switzerland, on 28th May 2015.

DATE: 2015 / 01-09 /

The cuisines of the world in our House!

In our Home we are very different between us but through gastronomy we entangle our cultures, we respect each other   and can now eat kabuli, tomorrow briana, pizza, bean soup, lamb with potatoes in the oven, fantastic homemade souvlaki and much much more .. Children create the fun and the results... UNIQUE GASTRONOMIC EXPERIENCES from around the world!

DATE: 2015 / 01-08 /

First Reception Service visits the Station

The First Reception Service of the Ministry Of Public Order & Citizen Protection, put his own bit of assistance in Child Care Association, distributing gifts to children and providing food. Thank you very much!

DATE: 2014 / 12-23 /

Nowdays people and friends give us courage...

The Company Fresh Line Cosmetics Official & its employees filled with smiles, helped us paint "Our Home". Thank you very much your support!

Date: 2014 / 06-29 /

Our video: A song for the "Family Reunification"

Children always feel one another, singing to their needs and claim their rights. This song, wrote and sang by Asimina is for our friend from Group CLAIM. On June 8, the group of children, classmates and roommates from the Centre, greeted our beloved friend, "who is already in the safe arms of his mother" .. so WE CONTINUE WITH CHILDREN RIGHTS!

More about CLAIM Programme

Date: 2014 / 05-14 /

Voluntary Work at the Centre

The Society for the Care of Minors is looking for volunteers in the field of catering and language translation. The Society is committed to sort out the necessary documentation and support the appointed person during his integration at the work environment. For more information and for expressing your interest contact the Coordinator-Social Worker Mr Fotis Parthenidis tel. + 30 210 3813290

Application Document

Date: 2014 / 05-14 /

Red Cross & EKKA visit the Centre

On May the 14th 2014, Ms. Paskale Meric, Migration Advisor of the International Committee of the Red Cross, along with Mr. Christos Dimopoulos, representative of the National Center for Social Solidarity, visited the Centre and received information about its work.

Date: 2014 / 05-07 /

VICE: A day at the Centre of Unaccompanied Minors in Exarchia

"... I get to the Centre- an old neoclassical architecture style house of the 30s. On the steps of the entrance, at the street Isavron, sits a boy - holds a soccer ball and wears the shirt of Barcelona. I stare at the big wooden door.." A VICE.COM Report by Antonis Ntiniakos. Photos, video: Alexia Tsagari.

See the VICE Report

Date: 2014 / 01-17 /

NGO “Kentro Zois” visits the Centre

On January the 17th 2014, experts of the NGO “Kentro Zois” (“Centre for Life”) organized a session informing the hosted children about sexually transmitted diseases.

Date: 2013 / 10-11 /

Swiss Federal Office for Migration visits the Centre

On October the 11th 2013, a four-member mission of the Swiss Federal Office for Migration, led by Mr. Mario Gattiker, along with a group of officers led my Ms. Nineta Zoi, Head Officer of the Directorate for Social Awareness and Solidarity of the Ministry of Labour, and Ms. Johanne Lamirande, expert of the European Asylum Support Office (E.A.S.O.), visited the Centre and were informed about its work.

Date: 2012 / 01-17 /

The European Asylum Support Office visits the Centre

On January the 17th, Mr. Robert Visser, Executive Director and Mr. Bertwin Lussenburg, Programme Manager of the European Asylum Support Office (E.A.S.O.), visited the Centre and were informed about its work.

Date: 2011 / 09-21 /

UNHCR Delegation for Southern Europe, visited the Centre

On 21/09/2011, Ms. Laura Boldrini, Regional Public Information Officer of the UNHCR Delegation for Southern Europe, visited the Centre.